Tuesday, December 19, 2006

December 2006

Well today is 1 year for our LID!!!! We really thought we would have Leah home by now!! Over all the year has gone by fast. This month Dylan turned 6 on the 1st, Zackery (our grandson) 1 year on the 7th, and Cody 7 on the 13th. And we still have Christmas in less than a week. I am really hoping that things do speed up for the CCAA, even though they claim it won't. I am still thinking we MAY travel by August!!! Some days are so much harder than others when it comes to waiting!!!! Some of you already know me,, I am oh such a patient person!! NOT!!!!

We have made some new friends during this very long and drawn out process. This is such a blessing, as we are all going through the same process... Some of us are just in different stages of that process. Those of us that have friends further, we pull strength from them!!! And those who are back in the process, we give our strength to you!! Because we know how much that strength is needed. Prayers to everyone!!!

The flooring in Leah's room, IS NOW DONE!!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

November 2006

Room is painted and now clean up, so we can get flooring done before the weekend.. And Danny is trying to spread a granite drive, and put down block for the driveway itself. Happy Thanksgiving.. by this time next year our new daughter will be home with us....

October 2006

Put the crib together, picked out wallpaper border, and paint, and the prettiest lamp,, Leah's room is done in Precious Moments. I still can not believe it.. I am still numb... We have had something to do every single weekend for the last 3 months... It so helps to keep busy, Danny's birthday (which he shares with my dad),and our 8th Anniversary... which we went to Tahoe, had a BLAST!!!!

September 2006

My birthday, Well La-De-Dah!!!
WE GOT OUR PHONE CALL ---- WE ARE APPROVED!!! At 6:00 am, about 5 minutes before Danny left for work, and a 3 day deep sea fishing trip (business related ha)... Ann from St. Louis called,, when she said who she was I knew she had an answer.... Oh my gosh,, we are going to China,, I did a mass email to everyone...and made a couple of early morning calls including waking my mom up... Marianne (with CHI, here in AZ) was disappointed as she wanted to be able to tell Danny herself,, as she has been through thick and thin with us all the way through!!! We started our shots, bought a crib and bedding.. look out credit cards... I am on a mission...

August 2006

Well kids are all back in school and I get Zac on the average of 3 times a week.. But soon I will be babysitting for one of the teachers at the boys school.. Her little on was born July 12th,, so he is a little one. Well the are looking at Decembers dossiers, I think I am going to be ill... Ended up with 140+ squares, I guess I am making more than one quilt...

July 2006

We had everyone at our house for the 4th of July, then went to watch fireworks, Zac(grandson), got so very scared,, never cried though!! Lost my wedding ring, and Danny found it the same night.. I was so very upset the entire day.. I have 75 of my 100 squares.. It will be October before we find out if we made it through or not.. The CCAA moved their office so they were closed for a few days, then they were up and running like nothing had happened. Danny found his dream car, a 69 Camaro.. Good Grief ,,, boy and their toys,, it never ends... HA HA HA!!!!! Cody and Dylan both picked out a fabric to put in the quilt. Went to Tucson, to spend some time with some friends I went to Jr, High school with..I introduced them and they just celebrated their 25th Anniversary... We took Cody and Dylan to Peter Piper Pizza to meet up with another couple, that is adopting from China through CHI, and their 2 boys... Not my favorite place to eat, but the kids loved it!

June 2006

Well the CCAA is nw working on November,,, YIKES!!! I should be a complete basket case in no time at all... Have stayed very busy this month, with helping my mom move and then Heather and Jaret (her boyfriend). Took the boys to the movies, to see "Cars",,, they loved it..

May 2006

Heather and her boyfriend graduated from high school and are looking for an apartment... Oh my gosh, "My baby is moving out"!!! Sob, Sob, Sob!!!! My Grandma Ruby was here for the graduation, and stayed for a couple of weeks. I love it when she is here for awhile, I used to spend all my vactions from school, and so I miss not having her closer...
As the wait grows longer, it is really starting to get harder... For Mother's Day, Heather, got me a new journel to write in.. she said the spiral notebook I am writing in is sad!!! I really would like to go shopping,,, come on CCAA!!!! Cody and Dylan are asking again how many days til we go get their baby sister.. Now I am just pulling #s out of the air...

April 2006

My son, Kyle turned 15 this month...How can time fly by, and yet stand still at the same time... I just don't get it?!?!?!?! Danny went, for the 1st time, as a chaperone on a field trip with Cody to the Wild Life Zoo. It is a lot smaller than the Phoenix Zoo, you can see the animals a lot better. At this point the CCAA is looking at Septembers dossiers..AAARRGGG!!!! I have started on her 100 Good Wishes Quilt, collecting anyway.. We went to the Build-A-Bear Workshop, and got the Panda Bear, dressed in a little red dress, named it China, and its birthday is 12/19/05, our LID. And I started the scrapbook with the wishes that go with the quilt. We went to the CHI picnic, even though the boys were just getting over being sick, and not sure if we are approved or not... We just wanted to see Marianne, our CHI coordinater.

March 2006

Well this month has brought me a lot of sleepless nights,, still waiting to know if the CCAA will approve us... I really wish they would hurry up,, I think I am going crazy!!! Oh wait, too late,, I'm there!!!
Also now our Daschund had 6 puppies.. Oh joy!!!!! Done lots of things to try and stay busy, yard sale, B-B-Q, and still writing in my journel to Leah almost every single day.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

February 2006

Well Heather was18 on the 1st and Justin is 19 on the 23rd. The wait is getting harder and harder,, right now all we want is an answer, if we are approve... Talked to Ann (CHI in St. Louis), and she thinks we will be ok. Each month that goes by the wait is getting longer and longer... It does get harder and harder.. Even though Ann did make me feel better. We deided to wait to see China approves us before we do too many chances to the house. And I can not seem to stay out of the little girl part of the baby department, doesn't help I want to buy things for Zac..

January 2006

Well we are off to a new year and more waiting!!! Dylan ask all the time when we are going to China to get his baby sister,, I have to explain, that we are not sure yet, if China will let us... We have to just wait, keep in mind he just turned 5, wait is not, nor has it ever been one of his strong points, (mine either,,ha ha).. We have been talking to them about their baby sister not looking like them,, and neither Cody or Dylan could care less what she looks like,, they just want to go get her....I bought a free standing Precious Moments angel ornament (the angel is holding the letter "L". And to keep me busy our dog Missy had 13 puppies, Akita puppies.. Holy Cow!!! Danny and I both saw a falling star, and afterwards, we both asked did you see that, and did you make a wish?,,, and it was the same wish, to bring Leah home. It will still be a while before we know what the CCAA will say.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

December 2005

Well Dylan was 5 on the first, and Cody was 6 on the 13th.. And we also welcomed our grandson, Zackery Adam Redfearn into the world on the 7th,,, 7# 6 oz, 21", at 5:45 pm... I was there the entire time.. I am now a grandma,,, and at the same time we waiting to bring our new daughter home from China,,, I feel like a kid at Christmas,, about to bust... And we now know our LID is 12/19, that would have been my Great Grandma Shinn's birthday.. That has to be a good sign,, now we just wait to see if we get through Department 1 at the CCAA,,, AAARRRGGGG!!! More waiting...

Holding baby Zac,,, makes us want to bring home our new daughter... even more , ,as if that were even possible.

November 2005

Well one of the news casters on News Channel 3, Lin Sue Cooney, did a report on her adoption through CHI, and also, Bob Kahn, the Phoenix firechief went through CHI... Dylan, our youngest for now, always want me to tell his baby sister, how much he loves her. I love to hear that he does, not even knowing her yet... SO SWEET!!

WE GOT OUR I-171 ON THE 8TH.. I thought I was going to hug the Fed-Ex driver... I did come to my senses and did not, I am sure he was happy about that ... Got all of our paperwork rounded up and we are DTC November 23rd... My part of the paperchase has come to an end, for now... that was such a good feeling for me.. to know that I had done everything I could, it is all up to China now...

October 2005

Well Daddy's birthday, 3rd, and it was also your Grandpa Mel's (Mommy's daddy) 75th birthday.. and our Anniversary is th 24th.... And your sister's, Heather, baby shower..which turned out great.. We are still waiting, NO LETTER YET!!!!

September 2005

Well yipee, skipee,, Mommys birthday has rolled around yet again... I am thrilled. And big brother Justin came home for good from Alaska... Not much to talk about this month,,, NO I-171.... JUST KEEP WAITING!!!

August 2005

Well trying to deal with the wait,,, ARGGG!!!! Cody starts Kindergarten. Still waiting on our I-171. My daughter and her boyfriend have picked the name Zackery Adam for the baby, which is due a couple of days before Cody's birthday in December. We started putting a little photo album together for Leah, it has all the relatives in it.

July 2005

Well, this month we took our classes through Oasis, to finish up our home study. We started looking through names, and decided on Leah. We also met up with another CHI family that have adopted three beautiful little girls from China. On the 14th we got our State approval. And found out I am going to be a Grandma for the 1st time. Getting our birth certificates Certified. And on the 30th got our fingerprints done.

In the Beginning

This is a journey that started back in March of 2005, when we submitted our application to Childrens Hope International, after talking to many acengcies. We talked about adoption for 2 years prior to that. We talked to each of our 5 children (his, hers & ours) and they were all ok with it. And at which point we started the process. As the process goes on they are more excited. And well we are too!!!

Welcome Everyone!!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to see where we are in our journey, of adoption, to bring Leah home from China. We enjoy everyone asking questions, I know I never get tired of talking about it.......

The Guizhou Zoo

The White Swan Hotel

1st Day

Our Little Leah

Our Little Leah
Don't you just love the smile...dob 10/12/03

The day we got the PACKAGE!!!

We got her packet today,, here is another picture of Leah

We got her packet today,, here is another picture of Leah
What a look?!?!?!?!?!