Sunday, October 21, 2007

RUMORS ! ! ! ! ! !

First signs of rumors are coming in,,, I am SO TRYING NOT to get my hopes up... If they did, in fact, make it to at least the 10th,, then we should get our referral before Christmas.. I am SOOOOO excited, I can't believe we are this close...After over 2 years, counting an excruciating paperchase,, we are WEEKS away from seeing picture

And I finally started the 2nd quilt last night...

Come on CCAA,,, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!


amy said...

I dont talk about rumors on my blog but I am glad you do! OH I hope they are correct!

Kelly & Sindy said...

I so hope they get to the 10th
We are pulling for you guys!!!
We cant wait to see you get
off the plane with little Leah!!!


I put up new pics!!!!

Talk with you later today!!!

" ME"

Welcome Everyone!!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to see where we are in our journey, of adoption, to bring Leah home from China. We enjoy everyone asking questions, I know I never get tired of talking about it.......

The Guizhou Zoo

The White Swan Hotel

1st Day

Our Little Leah

Our Little Leah
Don't you just love the smile...dob 10/12/03

The day we got the PACKAGE!!!

We got her packet today,, here is another picture of Leah

We got her packet today,, here is another picture of Leah
What a look?!?!?!?!?!