Wednesday, March 26, 2008

UPDATE~~~And yes I know it is about time!!!!

Well it will be 2 weeks tomorrow that we have been home.... And Leah is adjusting well... maybe too well and what I mean by that is that she has not "grieved" yet... the only time she ever gets upset is when we have to scold her OR she does NOT get HER way!!!!! And at bed time she would get sad... but each night got better and for the last 5 night no tears and the last 2 nights,, she goes to bed smiling as long as Mama is laying with her... We tried to let her sleep with us,, but she sleeps like a fish out of water.... Either getting kicked, arm coming across your face, or she will just roll over whatever is in her way.. Needless to say the cats are not fond of her sleeping habits.

She has great with the boys going back to school.. As soon as the bus pulls up in the afternoon,, she starts waving and yells Gege... and something in Chinese!!! not sure what she is saying...

However when Baba went back to work,, she did not take that nearly so well... the 1st 2 days, when he got home, she would not even hardly look at him.. So he left later for work, so he was still here when she got up, and he played with her and got her, her breakfast. Then the next day he went to work normal time and she is fine... and today we went to his work, "to show off his Priness"... She did fine ,, not a tear, just very quiet....

And she is very attached to her Jie jie.... Heather is thrilled to FINALLY have her little sister...

She also plays great with her nephew (2yr old)!!! And nboy do they keep me hopping,, he even calls her Aunt Leah... TOO CUTE!!!

And as for Gege Kyle, she love him too,, at 16 he isn't too fond of the hanging on him... But that is just him....

And as for Gege Justin, she has not warmed up to him yet... but she has only seen him like 3 or 4 times in the 2 weeks we have been home. He did pick her up yesterday, but she would not hug him or anything.. we jsut told him in due time...

She is understanding ALOT of what we say, but her speaking English is not going as well..... I am not worried we have only been home a few days.....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Home At Last! ! ! ! ! ! !

Sorry it has taken so long to update... I have been trying to update my journel,, I missed placed it for the last half of the trip... So I will post pics for now..


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Welcome Everyone!!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to see where we are in our journey, of adoption, to bring Leah home from China. We enjoy everyone asking questions, I know I never get tired of talking about it.......

The Guizhou Zoo

The White Swan Hotel

1st Day

Our Little Leah

Our Little Leah
Don't you just love the smile...dob 10/12/03

The day we got the PACKAGE!!!

We got her packet today,, here is another picture of Leah

We got her packet today,, here is another picture of Leah
What a look?!?!?!?!?!